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There is no god, where all going to hell.

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I like playing a character online and sometimes it is quite fun, trolling, pissing off shitty people on the web may not be the greatest idea for a keyboard warrior like me but I fucking got hacked on discord by some edgy 14yr old 'hacker'. I've had my discord since early 2016 and have made a lot of friends, there are a lot of good people on discord but a majority of them are spergs and pedophiles. I have met/seen more pedophiles on discord than I have seen on the fucking news.

Here are some questions I have thought up for you discord newcummers:

Q: Should I join discord?

A: No, don't fucking do it, it's like pulling a trigger to your own balls. Pornhub, 4chan, and Snapchat have waaaaay better community's, join them or you will be rotting your life away on a fucking app.

Q: Will you be joining back discord?

A: Definitely, I need it for school and porn.

Q: do u likey doobus da goobus?

A: uhmm dumbus the gumbass is kinda stinky so I no likey him he also make the big poopi with fnf witch get him alot of views and likeys from 9 yr olds I am a big boy now at 10yr old so I no likey himm anymore

Q: Are you going insane?

A: ha no lol, fucking noob

Q: You should stop playing gears of war

A: fuck off eat a dick

Q: How often do you masturbate???

A: Very very rarely.

Q: How have you been?

A: bad, I have too many responsibilities to fucking handle, one day I'll have a house, a big boobie anime waifu, and 16 beautiful massive-eyed kids.

Q: Is that you in the pfp?

A: Nope, its gage the loudmouth, extremely smart and beautiful person, he doesn't bully people that are disabled, whatsoever. gage can suck my micropenis.

Q: .- .-. .   -.-- --- ..-   --. --- --- -..   .- -   -- --- .-. ... . ..--..

A: -. ---   .-.. --- .-..

I am slowly rotting away on this shit site called discord

All is dose to me is cause discourse

only the lord can save me now


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